3 Reasons to Buy Ethically Made Fine Jewelry

3 Reasons to Buy Ethically Made Fine Jewelry


1) Encourage slow fashion, not fast fashion - Go to any mall today and take a look at all of the clothing and accessories that are sold to wear a few times and then be tossed out. Quality has really taken a hit in recent years and is replaced by cheap fashion that is trendy but not made to last. Here at Charmed by a Cause, we are aligning our company with other ethical brands that are promoting quality over quantity. Fashion should not be a disposable product, fashion should be an expression of who you are and what you believe in. 

2) Your Health - Most of us are aware of what is in the food we eat but do we give any thought to the jewelry that adorns our bodies? Believe it or not, our jewelry choices can impact our health. Unfortunately, some costume jewelry bought online and on our retail shelves here in the US contain cadmium a toxic metal alloy, the Associated Press first reported way back in 2018. Jewelry manufactures wanting to keep costs down tend to go overseas to have their jewelry made and forsake safety regulations here in the US. Chinese manufacturers have been substituting cadmium which is even more dangerous than lead in an effort to keep their costs at a minimum and with that said lead still finds it's way into some of the costume jewelry that is tested. Costume jewelry might be cheap but do we really want to wear something that could be harming our health and the health of the people making the jewelry? 

 3) Keepsake vs Cheapsake - Fashion or Bridge jewelry is a step up from costume jewelry. While you might not have to worry about toxic alloys you do have to consider the price and the life of the pieces. Some of it is so overpriced you might think you are buying fine jewelry. Some brands use brass as a base and plate their pieces with sterling silver or gold. This looks good to the eye, but over time the plating will wear off and this once great looking piece can't be worn again. 

We have made the conscious decision to craft our designs from recycled sterling silver and 14kt gold which are both not only safe to wear but keep our jewelry from going to landfills at some point in time. We make jewelry for keeps and with proper care to last forever. We also chose this path because we want to make sure our jewelry is an enhancement to your wardrobe and life and not something that is harmful to you or the environment. We encourage you to seek out sustainable fashion brands and that's why here at Charmed by a Cause our tagline is - Real Life | Real People | Real Jewelry!




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