We're Breaking Some Rules

We're Breaking Some Rules

Fine jewelry sold directly to you, no retail store markups.

So here's the deal - Retail stores have a couple of pricing structures you should be aware of. The first is called Keystone - the wholesale price they buy the piece for x 2. So if a jewelry or department store were to purchase our 14KT gold fleur-de-lis ring wholesale from us at $730, they would then turn around and resell it for $1,460. There is also what is known as triple-keystone which is the store's wholesale cost x's 3, which is a triple markup. That $730 ring the store bought wholesale from us is now sold in their store for $2,190! 

So if Charmed by a Cause were to sell to department stores we would, of course, have to offer the same pricing the stores offer on our website to keep the pricing consistent in all markets. This is the reason we have decided to sell directly to you the consumer. Sure there is prestige in having our brand in upscale stores (we did that with Rumblefish ) our precious costume jewelry company. That model just doesn't align with our values anymore. We want to bypass all the fluff and sell high-quality jewelry that we love to design directly to the people we engage with online and in person. We also want to give back, which for Charmed by a Cause is a 20% give back to causes we feel passionate about.

Refining our process - how we manage our day to day business also helps us keep costs down. Our overhead is very low and we work directly with our factory partner in NYC to bring you high quality ethically crafted jewelry at a fair price. Think about it, department stores and jewelry stores that resell designer fine jewelry have to pay high rents and that, of course, is built into the price of the consumer's purchase.

Breaking free from the middleman allows Charmed by a Cause to build personal and integrity driven relationships with our consumers. As a direct-to-consumer brand, we can now reflect or values into our pricing. With no more influence from wholesale reps and department stores, we can spread the love directly to our customers.


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